Co-creation and prototyping of innovative solutions by Bayer

Improving people’s quality of life through innovation



As a multinational company with key competencies in the biosciences of health and agriculture, Bayer aims to help improve people's quality of life by creating value through innovation.

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Esade Creapolis ecosystem


These were the companies that collaborated in the project.


That was the step by step

Discover how Bayer was able to acquire valuable knowledge through collaborative innovation and the design of Esade Creapolis’ business.

Challenge and context

  • Value creation

    Bayer wants to contribute to improving the quality of life of people with its products and services by co-creating and prototyping innovative solutions.


  • Workshops facilitated by experts

    Esade Creapolis organizes 3 workshops facilitated by experts from the hub with the participation of 25 people. The goal is to generate innovative solution ideas so that the organization can change the way it does things.


  • Solution design

    Thanks to the methodology applied by Esade Creapolis, Bayer staff were able to learn about how technological trends are changing the rules of the game, as well as how to consume and acquire knowledge.

Choose your path to innovation

At Esade Creapolis we offer you the possibility of designing your own path to innovation according to your needs. Find out what solutions can add value to your business.

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