Corporate Acceleration Program: Future Of Transportation

Discover the program that pursues innovation and exploration of opportunities for corporate venturing or collaboration with start-ups in the mobility and transport sector.



Open program composed of theoretical sessions, workshops and personalized coaching with the aim of raising awareness among companies about the critical elements of collaboration with startups. It was custom-designed for Railgrup, which offered it to its community as part of its training offer.

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Details about the day

This 3-month program was created by Esade Creapolis and supported by Railgrup, to help companies, entities and organizations in the mobility and transport sector collaborate with start-ups in the sector. and corporate venturing.
In this way, these companies will be able to innovate and explore the opportunities that this offers, being guided by experts through group workshops in which great professionals in the sector participate.

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At Esade Creapolis we offer you the possibility of designing your own path to innovation according to your needs. Find out what solutions can add value to your business.

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