Covid-19: Response through open innovation

From the new healthcare context, Suez and Esade Creapolis are looking for new growth opportunities.



The COVID-19 marks a need for Suez: to improve its market position and offer a better service to its customers and society in general. Through open innovation and the meeting of experts, new growth opportunities are identified.


That was the step by step

Discover the ingredients that made it possible to identify growth opportunities for Suez through open innovation.

Challenge and context

  • Improvement in market and service

    Due to the context set by COVID-19, a better positioning in the market and an improvement in the service offered to Suez customers and society in general had to be sought.


  • Expert workshops and work teams

    Esade Creapolis organized workshops with industry experts to get a joint view of the new habits and regulations arising from COVID-19, analysing the new opportunities that presented themselves in Suez. From there, work teams were set up to validate the hypotheses and detect possible problems.


  • Growth opportunities

    Thanks to open innovation methodologies, it was possible to validate the hypotheses of the concepts raised in the workshops, generating a total of 64 possible growth opportunities.

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