Definition of the entrepreneurial ecosystem management model

Design of a new model that ensures the complete alignment of the organization.



To strengthen SENER’s commitment to constant innovation and creativity, Esade Creapolis offers expert support to design a new business model that ensures that the organization is aligned and shares the same vision.


That was the step by step

Discover the key pieces of this project that is committed to corporate innovation and creativity.

Challenge and context

  • Government Model Design

    The challenge was to bring the model closer to the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In this way, existing initiatives are coordinated, and processes are systematized and formalized to be available to the entire organization.


  • Expert analysis and support

    Analysis of the organization, existing initiatives and known case studies to define the objectives and challenges to be addressed with the new management model. The next step was to design the structure of that new model.


  • Basic model structure

    The basic structure of the model was designed to ensure that the entire organization was aligned and shared the vision, for the subsequent implementation of the model through the learning by doing approach.

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