Definition of the strategic positioning of the Catalonia Mental Health Cluster

Support in the construction of the strategy to identify the abilities and talents to be incorporated through different activities.


Salut Mental of Catalonia's cluster

Support in the process of building the strategy, involving the members of the Mental Health Cluster of Catalonia, to identify the skills and talents to be incorporated through different activities.


That was the step by step

Find out how identifying disruptive trends has been key to finding key areas of competitiveness to develop.

Challenge and context

  • Identify capabilities and talents

    Support in the process of building the client’s strategy to identify areas of competitiveness and talents to be incorporated.


  • Collaboration and workshops

    First, thanks to the collaboration of cluster companies and start-ups, disruptive trends were identified to drive the development of specific projects and programs. Three workshops were then organized to identify areas of competitiveness.


  • Improving competitiveness

    Thanks to the identification of challenges and areas of competitiveness, it has been possible to find possible solutions to be developed by incorporating talent and innovation.

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