Detection of bacteria in the food industry through scouting

Start-up scouting and Artificial Intelligence are the keys to identifying an early-stage bacterium to prevent batch destruction.


Customer of the food industry

Esade Creapolis coordinates the start-up scouting and the use of Artificial Intelligence to collect and select information, so that a viable solution is achieved to prevent the destruction of batches due to a bacterium.


That was the step by step

Discover the keys to this success story where innovation and technology have made it possible to identify solutions.

Challenge and context

  • Bacteria Detection

    It was necessary to find a solution to detect a bacterium that would damage a production batch. However, the challenge was to do it at an early stage, quickly and economically viable.


  • Global Start-up Scouting and Artificial Intelligence

    A global database scouting process was launched based on a defined keyword. Once the most relevant databases were selected, it was possible to obtain a well-structured and complete database with an AI tool.


  • Detection of interesting initiatives

    Thanks to the leaking of the most relevant information, several initiatives were detected and a very promising solution for a start-up. One year later, the solution is fully integrated into the corporation’s processes and that start-up is one of its suppliers.

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