More modern and sustainable packaging for Mespack

Development of a new flexible, sustainable packaging machine adapted to the trends of the sector.



A process is underway to develop a new flexible packaging machine that adapts to trends, changing industry environments and business models.

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These are some of the collaborators who are part of the project:


That was the step by step

This is how they found the perfect solution for Mespack thanks to open innovation methodologies, workshops, and collective intelligence.

Challenge and context

  • Sustainability and digitization as a basis

    Identification of the main trends and challenges facing Mespack. Next, the needs required to develop a flexible and innovative packaging platform based on sustainability and digitization as key elements had to be identified.


  • Definition of the 5 areas of action

    1. How to make a new platform or machinery more sustainable?
    2. How to get a machine that reduces the cost of ownership by 30%?
    3. How to make a (horizontal) machine platform that lasts 10 years?
    4. How to generate an additional 10% profit, allowing Mespack to capture 50%?
    5. How to make a platform that is adaptable over time?
  • Workshops with experts

    To detect customer needs, three workshops were organized with industry experts to explore industry trends. In this case, we had the support of Xavier Lesauvage, Associate Professor at Esade and Founding & Managing Partner at Connociam Consulting.


  • Next steps according to industry trends

    Thanks to the knowledge of the attendees and the collaborative process followed, next steps have been proposed. The solutions are part of the major trends in the industry: digitalization, customer experience, service, and sustainability.

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