Esade Creapolis Labs at Casa SEAT

Co-creation labs for Casa Seat to develop the adaptation of mobility infrastructures to the new generations of vehicles.



Esade Creapolis organizes and dynamizes co-creation laboratories for Casa SEAT, with the aim of identifying solutions for adopting mobility infrastructures for new vehicles on the market and redesigning urban mobility in Barcelona.


Esade Creapolis Lab: Intermodality and Mobility as a Service

Mobility in urban and interurban environments is transforming into a new model understood as a service, facilitating the integration and intermodality of public and private transport, the promotion of micro-mobility and other intelligent modes. What are the drivers of this change in mobility?


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Challenge and context

  • Exploring improvements

    The challenge was to find an adaptation of mobility infrastructures for new vehicles on the market and to redesign urban mobility in the city of Barcelona.


  • Meeting of industry experts

    Esade Creapolis organized and revitalized two co-creation laboratories. They brought together industry experts to discuss, firstly, the infrastructure of the future and, secondly, intramodality and MaaS.


    In this session, which was organized by Esade Creapolis, we had the intervention of Manel Villalante, who presented the new digital model of Renfe, and a panel discussion with experts, composed by:

    • Manel Villalante (General Manager of Strategy and Development of Renfe)
    • Carme Fàbregas (Professor at UPC School, Expert in Smart Mobility & Board Member to MaaS Alliance)
    • Boyd Cohen (CEO & Co-founder at Iomob),
    • Joan Viaplana (Director Integrations, Projects and Mobility at SABA)
    • Pedro Arellano (PPPs & Innovation Expert)
    • Anna Grau (Sustainability & Mobility Manager at Esade Creapolis.


  • Identification of new needs

    Industry experts identified solutions to facilitate the integration and intramodality of public and private transport, the promotion of micromobility and other smart modes.

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