Diabetes Innovation Day

Esade Creapolis Diabetes Hub and Abbott Diabetes Care meet in a day dedicated to innovation.



The Diabetes Innovation Day brings together experts and professionals from a variety of specialties to bring their knowledge, experience, and perspectives to innovate in the global vision and solutions for the diabetic patient.

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This is the Diabetes Innovation Day

Find out how this day dedicated to innovation and health developed.


This is the step-by-step guide

Discover the pieces of this success story where innovation is the key to finding a new perspective and solutions in the field of health.

Challenge and context

  • Complementary views

    The challenge was to find a new perspective to innovate in the global vision and solutions for the diabetic patient.


  • Expert support

    Esade Creapolis brings together industry professionals to provide an overview of the different areas involved in the process of the diabetic patient.


  • Answers and development

    We managed, through the support of professionals in the sector:

    1. Facilitate an innovative global vision of diabetes to the main agents of the administrations involved in health.
    2. Stimulate the development of professionals and their professional growth.
    3. Respond to the expectations of patients and their environments.
    4. Stimulate the development of innovative solutions and services to companies, organizations, and healthcare institutions.

Choose your path to innovation

At Esade Creapolis we offer you the possibility of designing your own path to innovation according to your needs. Find out what solutions can add value to your business.

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