New regulation of shared scooters in Madrid

Dott and Esade Creapolis identify challenges and possible solutions to create cities with sustainable mobility.



Dott and Esade Creapolis combine talent and knowledge to find regulatory solutions to the needs and problems of Madrid when it comes to creating ecosystems of innovation and smart cities with sustainable mobility.


Details about the day

Faced with the great challenges posed by mobility and the regulatory measures being taken in the big cities, Dott and Esade Creapolis want to find solutions to the needs and problems in the city of Madrid.

Challenge and context

  • Mobility vs. Regulation

    The challenge of this day was to find viable solutions to the mobility needs that arise today, as measures to regulate transport in large cities can become a problem.


  • Collaboration of experts and researchers

    Esade Creapolis brought together in a co-creation laboratory different relevant actors in the city of Madrid to provide a diverse vision and thus identify potential solutions or ideas applied to the Spanish capital.


  • Needs identification

    Thanks to the collaboration of experts and researchers, needs, ideas and possible solutions were identified regarding the future of scooters in the city of Madrid.

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