Retail Revolution Conference

An annual event focused on the world of retail and the keys to its future, which is promoted by the Retail Forum of Esade Creapolis and sponsored by Seidor.

2015 - Presente

Retail Revolution Conference

Discover the ingredients that make it possible to hold this key event for the retail industry every year, full of insights and avant-garde.


Retail Revolution Conference 2018

Find out what the editions of Retail Revolution are like, an event that already has six editions behind it.


Details about the day

This annual event is a space for reflection that seeks to provide solutions to the great challenges of retail.

Challenge and context

  • Transformation of the retail sector

    The retail sector is facing a series of changes and transformations in its development that are forcing the industry to keep up to date and to be able to face these challenges by providing solutions. Since the birth of the Retail Forum in 2015, the aim has been to bring knowledge and new perspectives to the attending organizations.


  • Industry experts

    After six editions, the Retail Revolution is positioned as a benchmark event in the industry. With the aim of proposing solutions, Esade Creapolis brings together professionals and organizations in the sector.


  • New Perspectives

    This event seeks to address the challenges facing retail professionals. Thanks to the meeting of great voices in the sector, it is possible to bring together the state of the art to move towards new perspectives and directions within retail.

Choose your path to innovation

At Esade Creapolis we offer you the possibility of designing your own path to innovation according to your needs. Find out what solutions can add value to your business.

Design your own path

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