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Systematization of a collaboration process with start-ups as a tool for innovation

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Hinojosa Packaging

Esade Creapolis collaborates with Hinojosa Packaging to offer research and analysis of global start-ups that can meet the challenges defined by the organization. After choosing the most relevant ones and studying possible ways of collaboration, it will be possible to systematize the collaboration process.


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These are the keys to this successful case in which collaboration with start-ups works as a key tool to provide disruptive solutions.

Challenge and context

  • Systematization of collaborations

    Implementation and management of a process that allows the systematization of collaboration with start-ups as a key tool to provide disruptive solutions that ensure their competitiveness in the face of the challenges posed in a changing environment.


  • Startup Scouting

    After defining and concretizing the main innovation challenges, a start-up scouting process is carried out globally. Therefore, it is important that these start-ups can meet the challenges set by the organization.


  • Choosing startups

    After conducting an international start-up search, the ones that are most relevant to the Hinojosa Packaging project are selected and possible avenues for collaboration are studied.

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