Exponential technologies that add value to the TMB user

How to turn the technological potential of the market into a TMB transformation lever.

2021 - Actualidad


Esade Creapolis supports TMB in the analysis of its customers and in the use of technology as an opportunity for growth in the hands of companies with which it is possible to study a collaboration. The goal is to add value to the service provided to TMB users.

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That was the step by step

The aim of this project is to turn the technological potential of the market into a transformative lever for the company.

Challenge and context

  • Leveraging the technological potential

    The main objective of this project was to take advantage of the technologies and turn them into a lever of transformation for the company, while managing to add value to the customer and the user of TMB.


  • Workshops and start-up scouting

    Workshops were organized to understand what TMB users value in terms of sustainability, mobility, or digitalisation trends. Technological initiatives were then sought through a scouting of start-ups that could meet the defined challenges, with business interest and within the established requirements.


  • Possible technology opportunities

    Identification of more than 50 disruptive international technology initiatives grouped into three interesting fields by TMB: event detection, user flow control, and technologies to break the digital divide. The last step was to summarize the 10 most important start-ups in the sector to study possible collaborations with TMB.

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