Trend Radar in the real estate sector

Filtering information allows you to understand the new trends and needs of the industry to add value to the customer through new services.


Real Estate Industry Client

Esade Creapolis provides specific and relevant information based on a series of searches. Thanks to this filtering methodology, it was possible to identify new trends and needs related to the spaces where people live and work.


That was the step by step

Discover the keys to this success story where selecting the most relevant information is the key to identifying challenges and developing solutions.

Challenge and context

  • Development of a digital platform

    It was necessary to create a digital platform that would allow the identification, management, and crystallization of knowledge about the real estate sector quickly and effectively. And it is that understanding the new tendencies and needs allows to offer services with more value for the customers.


  • Finding and Selecting Information

    A Twitter search was conducted to select the most relevant accounts within the real estate industry. Also, thanks to the CrunchBase platform, it was possible to identify the most disruptive companies in this industry.


  • Identification of challenges and solutions

    Thanks to the information filtering methodology, it was possible to identify the main challenges in the sector, as well as work on the ideation and development of solutions.

Choose your path to innovation

At Esade Creapolis we offer you the possibility of designing your own path to innovation according to your needs. Find out what solutions can add value to your business.

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