Sustainable packaging for Glovo

Guide to the development of a packaging solution with a lower environmental impact.



Esade Creapolis, through industry experts, serves as a guide to the leading cast company to develop a more innovative and sustainable packaging solution.

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Esade Creapolis Ecosystem


These are the companies and institutions that participated in the co-creation session.


The future of packaging

This was the co-creation process designed by Esade Creapolis and the experiences of its participants.


This was the step-by-step process

Discover how, through the fusion of talent and knowledge, the appropriate solution to the challenge of sustainability faced by Glovo was developed.

Challenge and context

  • Greater sustainability, same quality

    The challenge was based on offering a packaging solution for Glovo with the following goal: to offer the same quality to customers, restaurants, and shops by increasing the number of benefits at the environmental level.


  • Collaboration of expert teams

    Esade Creapolis brought together experts in the field of packaging and marketing, company stakeholders and external consultants. Through open innovation, multidisciplinary teams pooled knowledge and talent to find a solution to Glovo’s challenge.

    We have the support of experts from:

    • Esade
    • Esade Creapolis
    • Elisava
    • Barcelona Institute of Packaging (BIP)
    • Expert Product Engineering in materials
    • Stimulus (experts in innovation projects)


  • Sustainable design and materials

    Detection of the best materials and designs for each packaging, respecting strict criteria of usability and sustainability, as well as cost and social impact. The collaboration environment designed by Esade Creapolis made it possible to identify the needs to solve Glovo’s sustainable challenge.

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