Retail Forum

Why join the Retail Forum?

The Retail Forum is aimed at players in the retail sector who want to keep up to date with the latest developments in their sector to accelerate their transformation and growth.

In this interactive and dynamic space, current and future challenges in the sector are debated and discussed. Enjoy the benefits of joining the Retail Forum community!

Methodological precision

Rigurosidad de metodologías avaladas por Esade y expertos

Multi-sectoral environment

Crece rodeándote de organizaciones de varios sectores

Must-read retail content

Curación de contenidos para directivos del sector con información precisa

Targeted activities

Asesoramiento y ayuda para sistematizar colaboraciones

Content intranet

Acceso a una intranet exclusiva con contenidos de las sesiones

Discounts on events and venues

Descuentos en eventos del Retail Forum y salas de reuniones en el hub

Advice and accompaniment

Being a member of the Retail Forum offers access to an advisory and support service in areas related to the following topics:

Consumer knowledge and new profiles

Digital Transformation, Data Analytics and Metrics

New models of shop and consumer experience

Talent, profiles and new organisational models

Already members of the Retail Forum

The Retail Forum is made up of around 30 leading companies in the sector that share, discuss and exchange ideas to tackle transformation and innovation in retail.



annual conference

Retail Revolution Conference

Annual face-to-face meeting for the most innovative companies linked to the retail sector, now in its 6th edition.

monthly report

Monthly Retail Review

Must-read retail content with accurate information sent on a monthly basis in partnership with Atrevia.

annual conference and study

Barometer Retail Challenges

Event presenting the results of the annual report on challenges in the retail sector, promoted by Esade Creapolis together with Seidor.