Circular Talent

This free programme works on the pre-acceleration of startups, promoting ideas and projects focused on the circular economy and sustainability. The goal is simple: to turn projects into companies.

Circular Talent is supported by the Departament d’Empresa i Coneixement de la Generalitat de Catalunya within the framework of Catalunya Emprèn and co-financed by the European Social Fund.

More than a decade promoting entrepreneurship

When the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Barcelona was still in its infancy, Esade Creapolis decided to offer its knowledge to boost the growth of emerging projects based on differentiating technologies. To this end, innovative concepts such as lean startup, blue ocean strategy and exponential organisations were applied.

As a park linked to a business school, Esade Creapolis provides the knowledge of professors, researchers and mentors linked to Esade, expanding the training of entrepreneurs in complementary aspects.

Apoyo de expertos

Expert support

Technical aspects of startups

Learn the essentials of setting up a startup

Circular economy training

Training sessions in which you will work on technical topics

15 hours of study tours

Visit companies to learn about case studies of circular models

Individual mentoring

10h with expert tutors sharing their knowledge

Networking and financing

Presentation of projects at the Investors Day event


Projects supported since the first edition


They are still active, in more advanced stages


They have been incorporated as a company, 17 in total


They have raised a first round of investment

Who can access the Circular Talent programme?

Circular Talent is a pre-acceleration programme focused on entrepreneurship groups formed by two or more people with an idea in the field of the circular economy. If this group has a business plan or has the will to create one, they will be able to access the advantages of the Circular Talent programme.

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