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Sustainable packaging for Glovo

Guide to the development of a packaging solution with a lower environmental impact.

More modern and sustainable packaging for Mespack

Development of a new flexible, sustainable packaging machine adapted to the trends of the sector.

Retail Revolution Conference

An annual event focused on the world of retail and the keys to its future, which…

Corporate Acceleration Program

Program organized by Esade Creapolis based on innovation and collaboration with start-ups to boost the competitiveness…

Reconversión de la flagship store de Fujifilm

Reconversión del concepto “Wonder Photo Shop” a través de soluciones innovadoras como el DIY o scrapbooking.

Redesign of the Complexity-Chronicity and Diabetes Type II care pathways

Redesign of care pathways for patients with chronic diseases in Catalonia

Primary Health Care Innovation Project

Focused on ensuring the accessibility, equity, and sustainability of primary care in the healthcare system.

Esade Creapolis Labs at Casa SEAT

Co-creation labs for Casa Seat to develop the adaptation of mobility infrastructures to the new generations…

New regulation of shared scooters in Madrid

Dott and Esade Creapolis identify challenges and possible solutions to create cities with sustainable mobility.

Diabetes Innovation Day

Esade Creapolis Diabetes Hub and Abbott Diabetes Care meet in a day dedicated to innovation.

Barcelona Micromobility Talks

Conference promoted by the Creafutur Foundation to address the challenges and opportunities of micromobility.

Presentation of the Retail Challenge Barometer

Conference showing the results of the annual report promoted by the Retail Forum of Esade Creapolis…

Corporate Acceleration Program: Future Of Transportation

Discover the program that pursues innovation and exploration of opportunities for corporate venturing or collaboration with…

Covid-19: Response through open innovation

From the new healthcare context, Suez and Esade Creapolis are looking for new growth opportunities.

Detection of bacteria in the food industry through scouting

Start-up scouting and Artificial Intelligence are the keys to identifying an early-stage bacterium to prevent batch…

Trend Radar in the real estate sector

Filtering information allows you to understand the new trends and needs of the industry to add…

Definition of the strategic positioning of the Catalonia Mental Health Cluster

Support in the construction of the strategy to identify the abilities and talents to be incorporated…

Analysis of trends in structural sustainability

Analysis of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to obtain new opportunities and value propositions.

Open Innovation Observatory

Identification of disruptive solutions and mechanisms for systematizing processes in the field of digital technologies.

Definition of the entrepreneurial ecosystem management model

Design of a new model that ensures the complete alignment of the organization.

Exponential technologies that add value to the TMB user

How to turn the technological potential of the market into a TMB transformation lever.

Startups engagement

Systematization of a collaboration process with start-ups as a tool for innovation

Co-creation and prototyping of innovative solutions by Bayer

Improving people’s quality of life through innovation

Workshops on identifying use cases for 5G technology

Workshops and training sessions to identify new use cases based on 5G technology in different areas…

Digital talent in neurodiversity

Integration of people with neurodiversity in the digital professional sector according to individual abilities.

Agile Innovation Project

Rapid testing of ideas using an innovative methodology accelerated their development and reduced risk.

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