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Be part of the innovation hub and take advantage of the benefits and services of the virtual office.

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Virtual office services

Neither teleworking nor physical offices, this new modality offers a middle ground between the two concepts. Discover all the advantages of virtual office rentals!

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Tax domicile

Tax domiciliation of your company at the Esade Creapolis address

Business address

Address of Esade Creapolis as a business and postal address

Personal mailbox

Receipt of correspondence in your own mailbox


Use of the car park with the same conditions as other residents


Only for resident companies

Become an Esade Creapolis resident and enjoy exclusive services and benefits.

Business community

It is part of the technology-related business ecosystem with a business model based on innovation, sustainability, and sensitivity to social impact.

Cooperation with Esade and other companies

Possibility of creating collaboration agreements with Esade and other companies in the park.

Meeting rooms

You have a 6-hour monthly bag to use in the meeting rooms.

Access to our innovation services

We have different innovation services to help you drive your project. Benefit from the knowledge and talent of Esade to design your path to innovation.

Audio-visual material

You have audio-visual equipment (projectors, screens, microphones, audio, and IP phones) to use in each room at no extra cost.

Special discounts for room rental

Enjoy a special price for renting rooms at the Esade Creapolis hub.

Special discounts for the gym

11% discount on the monthly fee for Esade Creapolis residents.

Carsharing service and electric chargers

Shared car service from campus and electric vehicle charging station.

Messaging with lockers

Courier service and receiving mail through Amazon and Mail lockers.

Esade brand

Prestige and positioning of belonging to the Esade brand. Possibility of collaborating with the Esade ecosystem (students, teachers, and school collaborators).

Common Benefits

Privileged location and contact with the Esade’s Campus


Close to Barcelona but away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The hub is in direct contact with the Esade Campus in Sant Cugat, as well as with nature, and well connected to the city of Barcelona.

We open 24 hours, 365 days a year


Flexibility is key to innovate. For this reason, we have totally flexible schedules that adapt to your needs. Esade Creapolis is open every day of the year, 24 hours a day.

Open spaces


Esade Creapolis has flexible and modular spaces, as well, as large terraces. The facilities are located next to Collserola Natural Park, so nature is very present in the environment.

Cafeteria and restaurant


We have different cafeterias with restaurant service, where you can find menus with student prices. In addition, we also have vending machines in our coffee corners.

Parking for more than 500 vehicles, also with electric charges


Esade Creapolis has 2 underground parking levels with 500 car parking spaces, 68 motorbike parking spaces and 6 disabled parking spaces. The car park also has chargers for electric vehicles.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about virtual office

Do you have any questions about renting a virtual office? These are some of the most frequently asked questions, but if you have any other, please contact our team, we will be happy to help you!

What are the advantages of the virtual office?

Virtual office services include direct debit to the Esade Creapolis address, commercial use of the Esade Creapolis address, use of Esade Creapolis postal data as client contact data, a mail reception service and the use of common spaces. In addition, it allows access to the facilities, applying a 20% discount on the rental price of the meeting rooms.

Does renting the virtual office imply being a resident of Esade Creapolis?

Although they have the category of residents, the benefits are slightly different from those of residents with a physical office: they also have special discounts for parking and gym, they can use common spaces such as coffee corners, cafeterias and equipment such as lockers for courier services. They also have a monthly allowance of 6 hours for meeting rooms. The main difference is that the discounts for event rooms that residents with physical offices have do not apply to them.

What added value does Esade Creapolis provide as an innovative ecosystem?

Esade Creapolis offers a creative and innovative environment where companies and entrepreneurs from different sectors can detect opportunities and combine skills to generate ideas and develop innovative solutions with social impact. In addition to the services linked to the building (offices, events, ICT), it also offers its portfolio of services linked to innovation (innovation projects, open innovation services, acceleration programs, clubs and forums, training and studies).

How do the meeting rooms work?

Each resident company has 6 hours per month of room reservations at no extra cost. Once this number of hours has been exceeded, residents receive a special discount on both meeting rooms and events. Check the conditions!

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In addition to the virtual office service, the Esade Creapolis catalog includes flexible workspaces suited to your needs.

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